Yacine TV for ios [iPhone & iPad]

Dear iPhone user, in this tutorial, we will discuss over all different ways of downloading yacine tv for iOS Version on your devices. I know you are super excited to watch both Live TV and Live Sports such as ISL, IPL T20 2020, La Liga, Serie A, Premier League and much more. Sit tight and go through the instructions that we have shared exclusively for you on this page.

yacine tv for iphone

Most of the users in discussion forums such as Reddit, debate over the available of yacine tv for iOS devices. Few of them say that it is not available whereas, some other silently move on watching all their favourite live sports events and fixtures.


Download & Install yacine tv on iOS Devices

Before moving forward, please remove the myths that you have in your mind about yacine tv and stick to this article just for a while. We don’t guarantee you that every method we have discussed below works for you but we hope at least one will work.

Method 1: Using TuTuApp

yacine tv for ios

TuTuApp is a widely popular third party app store for iOS devices where you can literally find every single app. It has plenty original versions, mod versions, ad free versions to every app which is available in the internet.

1. Firstly, Download TuTuApp on your iPhone or iPad from the official website.

2. By default, you will be chosen for VIP version but I guess Regular Version is more than enough for now.

3. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

4. Once you launch TuTuApp on your iPhone or iPad, you will be prompted to install an application named “NessTools” which will protect your apps from getting revoked.

5. Once you finish installing NessTools aka NessVPN app on your iOS devices, you have to open Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management and then Trust the Developer Profile of the NessTools.

6. Now, Open TuTuApp on your iPhone (or) iPad and search “yacine tv for iPhone”.

7. Click “Add” to iOS version of yacine tv app on your iPhone.

Once the application is added to your iPhone or iPad, you can open it up and start watching all the live sports matches easily.

Use TopStore free version if you feel TuTuApp is not working for you on your iPhone. You may also use TopStore VIP version on your iOS device to download and install yacine tv app and other premium apps from entertainment category to games, etc.

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Method 2: Using AppValley

download yacine tv for ihone

AppValley is a very much similar application to TuTuApp and you can use it as an alternative too. If you have any trouble with TuTuApp, you can go with this method.

1. Download AppValley app on your iOS devices [iPhone or iPad] from the official website.

2. Hit the first icon as shown in the picture above which is a regular version.

3. Follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation process on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Now, open Settings >> General >> Profiles >> Trust the Developer Profile of AppValley application.

5. This time, you actually don’t need to install any add-on application such as NessTools.

6. Open AppValley app from the main screen of your iPhone and search for yacine tv for iPad”.

7. Hit “Install”, wait for sometime or search for any of your favorite apps such as GTA Mod, PUBG Mod, etc.

That’s it! you area all set to watch Highlights of the ISL 2020 as the series is about to end in next few days. On the other hand, you can also enjoy La Liga Highlights or watch them live.

Nothing to worry, there are still a lot of series to get added such as IPL T20,  Asia Cup 2020, T20 World Cup, Road Safety World Series 2020, etc.

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yacine tv Alternatives for iOS Devices

In case you are unable to install the yacine tv application on your iOS device, you can check out the suitable alternative apps mentioned below.

  1. Yahoo Sports
  2. Bein Sports
  3. Sony Liv
  4. ESPN Sports

All the apps mentioned above are freely available on Apple App Store. Just enter any of the app’s name and hit enter, click the app and hit “Install”, grant permissions if prompted. You may also try out some movie apps such as momix app, pikashow to watch HD Movies.


Opinions are different from a person to another but the actual things won’t change just for the sake of your personal opinion. We have provided all working methods only and eliminated even mentioning, side loading yacine tv on iOS devices using the Cydia Impactor.

Actually sideloading is not at all possible since there is no yacine_tv.mobileconfig file available publicly and on the other hand, you cannot work around with yacine tv APK on your iOS device.

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